SECURITY Electronics Engineering



Justice and detention facility security systems are sophisticated and complex. BGA’s Security Electronics Engineering team specializes in the design of these large-scale security electronic systems. Construction costs for these systems on some projects exceed $10 Million.



Areas of Expertise

  • Justice Complexes
    • Prisons and Jails
      • Courthouses
        • Healthcare Facilities

Our experience consists of over 500 projects totaling over $35 Billion in facility construction costs and $1.7 Billion in Security Electronics systems costs for clients that include the Federal Bureau of Prisons, California Department of Corrections, Tennessee Department of Correction and Arizona Department of Correction.

BGA has over 150 years of combined experience and is an internationally recognized leader in this field. Additionally, we have special application experience with high security psychiatric and healthcare facilities.  In addition to design services, we support construction phase services to monitor the progress of the Security Electronics Contractor including review of shop drawings, factory demonstrations, and installed systems.  A history of successful projects has resulted in repeat business with a number of large agencies.

Keith E. Summer, P.E.

Manager of Security Electronics

Registered Engineer in South Carolina and 30 other states. Contact us for current registrations.


BGA has done extensive work with several large agencies including:

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Tennessee Department of Correction
  • Arizona Department of Corrections
  • Hawaii Department of Public Safety


Design-Build Projects:

  • FCI – Aliceville, AL
  • FCI & FPC – Berlin, NH
  • FCI & FPC – Mendota, CA
  • FCI & FPC– Glenville, WV
  • FCI & FPC – Herlong, CA
  • FCI – Hazelton, WV
  • FCI – Pollock, LA
  • FCI II – Victorville, CA
  • FCI II – Yazoo City, MS
  • USP – Victorville, CA
  • USP & FPC – Big Sandy, KY
  • USP & FPC – McCreary, KY
  • USP & FPC – Canaan, PA
  • USP & FPC – Hazelton, WV
  • USP & FPC – Tucson, AZ
  • USP – Yazoo City, MS

Design-Bid-Build Projects:

  • FCI Edgefield, SC
  • FCI Edgefield, SC
  • FCI Butner, NC
  • FMC Butner, NC
  • FCC Yazoo City, MS
  • FCC Yazoo City, MS
  • USP Atwater, CA
  • USP Pollock, LA
  • USP Lee, VA
  • FCI Cumberland, MD
  • FCI Manchester, KY
  • FDC Houston, TX

CDCR Projects:

  • California State Prison, Kern County at Wasco
  • California State Prison, Los Angeles County at Lancaster
  • California State Prison, Imperial County at Calipatria
  • California State Prison, Madera County
  • California State Prison, Del Norte County
  • California State Prison, Kern County at Delano
  • California State Prison, Kings County at Corcoran
  • California State Prison, Monterey County at Soledad
  • California State Prison, Lassen County at Susanville
  • California State Prison, Riverside County at Blythe II
  • California State Prison, Imperial County at Seeley
  • California State Prison, Fresno County at Coalinga
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Kings County at Corcoran
  • California State Prison, Kern County at Delano II
  • San Quentin Central Health Services Building
  • RJ Donovan Correctional Facility
  • DeWitt Nelson CHCF (Design Oversight)

Tennessee Department of Correction Projects:

  • Multiple Facility Perimeter Security Upgrades
  • Multiple Facility Perimeter Security Upgrades
  • West Tennessee State Penitentiary – Site 2, Henning, Tennessee
  • Northeast Correctional Complex, Mountain City, Tennessee
  • DeBerry Special Needs Facility, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Northwest Correctional Complex, Tiptonville, Tennessee
  • Turney Center Industrial Prison, Only, Tennessee
  • West Tennessee State Penitentiary – Site 3, Henning, Tennessee
  • South Central Correctional Facility, Clifton, Tennessee
  • South Central Correctional Facility, Clifton, Tennessee
  • Morgan County Correctional Complex, Wartburg, Tennessee
  • Tennessee Prison for Women, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Perimeter Security Upgrades-WTSP, TCIP, RMSI, NECX
  • Security Electronics Upgrades-WTSP, RMSI, NECX

Arizona Department of Corrections Projects:

  • Eyman Correctional Facility
  • Arizona State Prison – Eyman, Cook Unit
  • Arizona State Prison, Eyman, Rynning Unit
  • Arizona State Prison, Tucson, Manzanita Unit
  • Arizona State Prison, Tucson, Winchester Unit
  • Arizona State Prison – Winslow/Apache County
  • Arizona State Prison – Yuma, Cheyenne Unit
  • ASPC – Lewis Prison Complex
  • ASPC Lewis – Rast Addition
  • Florence Correctional Facility
  • Perryville Correctional Facility
  • Tucson Correctional Facility
  • Winslow Correctional Facility
  • Winslow Correctional Facility, Phase II

Hawaii Detention Projects:

  • Hawaii Youth Center
  • Women’s Community Correctional Facility
  • Halawa Correctional Facility System Upgrades
  • Maui Community Correctional Facility
  • Statewide Security System Upgrade Review

This project is a 500 bed (416 cell, 84 double bunked) housing facility that is an addition to the Rast Facility within the ASPC Lewis complex for the Arizona Department of Corrections. This is a CM at risk project with multiple GMP bid packages. The security electronic systems include door control and monitoring, touchscreen control, network IP video with digital video recording, intercom, and overhead paging. Estimated construction cost is $50 million and the estimated security electronics systems cost is $1.9 million.

This project is a six story, 120 bed health care facility and a six story, 216 bed mental health facility within the secure perimeter of Central Prison in Raleigh, NC, which is a maximum security facility for the North Carolina Department of Corrections. The project also included a new central utility plant and a new vehicle sallyport and associated building and guard tower. Buford Goff & Associates, Inc.’s responsibilities included touchscreen, door control, remote elevator control, intercom, CCTV, personal alarm, access control, MATV, and public address. The door control system interfaces to the pneumatic door system. The total project cost is $154M and security electronic systems costs is estimated to be $7M. The primary project was completed in December 2011. BGA Project Manager: Keith Summer. Delivery Method: CMAR.

$154M six-story 120 bed healthcare & 216 bed mental health.

Project is an addition to an existing detention facility and includes two segregation units, eight dormitory units, Booking, Intake, and Release, Law Enforcement support facilities, and Security Electronics upgrades to the existing facility. Engineering responsibilities included internal communications, card access, door monitoring and control, closed circuit television, digital video recording and personal alarm. Total estimated project cost is and estimated $132 million and the Security Electronics systems costs is estimated $8.2M. This project was completed in March 2011.

New 720 bed jail, system upgrade of original 256 bed jail, and courts addition. $132M Construction Cost

Central Control with two positions

Created New Central Control and back up of Central Control

  • Existing Facility Assessments
  • New Construction Design
  • System Upgrades Design
  • Design Team Coordination
  • Shop drawing review
  • Factory Demonstration
  • Installation Review
  • Project Closeout

BIM utilized to verify camera coverage during design.Factory Demonstration

The scope of work for this project included a 960 bed high security United States Penitentiary and a 128 bed Federal Prison Camp. Buford Goff & Associates, Inc.’s responsibilities included design and construction administration services for the security electronics, communications, and fire alarm systems. Included within the design responsibilities were fire alarm, perimeter security, closed circuit television, telephone, door control and monitoring, paging, intercom, inmate duress alarms, Sentry LAN, Commissary LAN, Security Control LAN, control panels, consoles, and fiber optic cable distribution systems. These systems are integrated into a functional security management and control system. Estimated construction cost $176,000,000. This project was completed in June 2013.