Tennessee Advanced Communications Network

The Tennessee Advanced Communications Network (TACN) is a 122 site, P25 Phase 2 wireless network that provides service for over 35,000 first responders in Tennessee including the Highway Patrol, Department of Correction, Department of Transportation, and multiple local government public safety agencies.  By partnering with the Tennessee Valley Regional Communications System, the State accelerated the implementation of the network and immediately improved interoperability.  BGA provided project management and technical advisor services to the State during the construction and transition.  BGA also helped develop TACN’s long-range strategy and the current maintenance plan that optimizes vendor and State capabilities for on-going operations.

BGA also served as the advisor to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOSHS) during the initial planning phase for the National Public Safety Broadband Network, or FirstNet.  Services included support for education and outreach across the state, collection and correlation of the data needed to define the State’s requirements, and analysis of the subsequent state plan including the modifications for performance improvements.

Today, BGA continues to provide strategic and technical support for TACN expansion, upgrades, and operational improvements.  Current activities involve enhancements to incorporate remaining State agencies and expanding service to county and municipal governments, as well as replacement of the Highway Patrol’s computer aided dispatch system.  In addition to support for the P25 network, BGA assists the State for the ongoing FirstNet deployment planning, including analysis of challenges for data sharing between the State’s public safety entities.